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suspension upgrade

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i just put my 19" HREs on my car, and i want to eliminate some of the gap. any suggestions?? i was thinking just eibach's, but i dont want to sacrifice any of the ride quality! my car rides a lot BETTER after my wheel upgrade, should i look to adjustable shocks? if so, what do you guys suggest? thanks in advance! /images/graemlins/gr_driving3.gif
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From what I have expereinced....there is no noticeable hit to the ride quality with Eibachs. If all you want is to get rid of some of the gap, Eibachs are a good way to go. If you want road racing set up, etc., then others may have better ideas. The Eibach cars I have ridden in ride very nice, and the cars handle/feel more responsive. Got pictures of the 19's (and the gap)??
yeah i have pics, but they were taken in bad lighting, so i am taking more today, and will definately post them!! thanks for the response, eibachs are a hell of a lot cheaper than adjustable shocks..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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