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The late great pmum recommended:

3/4" lowered - any more and shocks pack up on bumpy tracks
bump on 3 all around
rebound on 2 up front, and 4 in the rear.
(I might have the bump/rebound reversed, I'll have to check)

The lowering affects the values. Compressing the springs makes the car feel much different, and only after I lowered the car 3/4" did those settings really come into their own.

Also, add a track alignment to that. I'm running -1.9 camber up front and -1.5 in the rear at the moment. Car is nearly 50/50 balanced. Its like a new car compared to the stock align/ride height/shock settings.

I haven't played with the settings much. If anything, I might soften it a bit to try to let the weight transfer easier, then slowly go to firmer.
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