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Re: Supra\'s pro\'s and cons


1132rwhp....holy shit. nice. Umm...any chance you'll be in the seattle area...let me know. I NEED a ride.

So how much do you make on pump gas. That has to be on race gas and maybe a little NOS.

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Re: Supra\'s pro\'s and cons

Yea, about $3,000 to get to 450 rwhp...

What it's run so far in the 1/4 - the car has NEVER seen the track and I've only put about 1,000 miles on it in the last year. If it's not sold by October 2nd I'm going to keep it and we're doing a track day at RCR that day...
I'll answer how much in 2 ways:
1. $66k OBO with room to negotiate down to $63k
2. $63k firm
/images/graemlins/smiles LOL
I need to get $63k out of it to make it worthwhile for me.
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