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Superchargers and the bottom

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How long can a stock bottom end on one of the high horespower charged kits last under a lead footed driver? Im talking about the 750 and 850 rwhp cars and the factory forged pistons cars. Do the rings tend to wear out causing loss of compression under continuous loads of 10-12 PSI?
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I beleive there are a LOT of these cars around. I havnet heard of any problems with them. Im sure it does add additional wear and tear but with the low amounts of miles everyone drives who knows.
There are a few S/C cars (Like Geralds) that have been around for awhile,
logged a lot of miles - and I haven't heard of the rings being a weak point. But I don't know if DLM uses stock rings. In motors that run
with high cylinder pressure and extra heat, there is always a point where
the top ring will flex and not seal correctly. When that happens, it also
will not be able to transfer heat from the piston to the cylinder, and the
ring land on the piston could suffer. Pistons with a lower top ring land tend
to improve on this problem, and in some cases a thicker ring will transfer heat
better. But I am not sure how the stock forged Viper piston and rings rate.
90% of DLM's cars are stock bottom ends with just a little porting of the heads. Stock Pistons, rings, rods, crank,cam, etc. Make sure your builder reinforces the block, heads,etc for maximum longevity. There is a reason it's done, he's been s/c'ing vipers for probably 8-10 years and has learned what will fail overtime.

Cranking up the boost is the easiest. Making it last is the trick.. I would guesstimate I've got 30,000 miles on my GTS being supercharged. I've only had 1 belt wear out (normal) and when I personally replaced the belt, like a dumbass, I overtightened it and that belt let go in 100 miles.. DUH!! I had to call Doug to learn how to correctly tension the belt.
Good Luck! /images/graemlins/smile.gif

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What does reinforcing the block include?
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