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Suddenly, it's 1969 all over again!!

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Suddenly, it\'s 1969 all over again!!

Is anyone else excited about the american automakers' return to high powered cars!?

You got caddy.. with a 1000hp V16 (very cool, but will never get made). You got fords new V10 427 motor in their concept sedan (which WILL get made). The new 69 fastback mustang retro 04, which they will have a cobra version with a SHAKER hood! SWEEEEEEET. Not a huge mustang fan, but that would be a sight to see on the roads. The Ford GT is also a big deal too...

Chevy is resurecting the SS name. New concepts all have large HP motors, many of which have the displacement on demand systems. the C6 (modena? hehe) is around the corner, the hotrod truck is seeing production. They are brining back the chevelle nameplate at some point, so the rumors tell me. They WILL produce a V8 RWD sedan to compete w/ the GTO in sales, as well as the "charger" that dodge will be making (and it is a GO from what I understand). There is rumor that their new sedan platform (which will be 2 door) will take up where the F-body left off to combat the new mustang (which is said to be a stormer... techno motor to the core, but very quick).

Pontiac has the GTO being released at the 4th quarter of this year, boasting 340hp LS1 (blower kit anyone?) that seats 4. Their little roadster does't have a V8, but there is rumor of a turbo inline 6, which they have already shown can make 400hp/400lbs/tq at low boost (hotrod mag this month IIRC). The GTO is a big deal to lutz, as he wants other famous nameplates
There is rumor that the "killed" olds name (what ever happend with that?) is set to make a comeback as well... 442 variation perhaps?

Dodge... HEMI. Yesshhh H E M I. Legend reborn. I can't wait for these fuckers to be put in sedan platform. 345hp bone stock, w intake ports that just BEG for a positive displacement blower. The new Viper of course is the flagship, with the SRT ram and even the little turbo neon (damn is it quick for a neon!) is also making good impressions on the street community. The Crossfire concept will be a cool "US" benz, with the jeep 3.7L (very stout) powerplant. I hope the razor comes around too.. cheap and easy to mod. Hmmm...

Even the import makers are doing the HP game. The Z car with it's 280hp motor, the "upscale" version (Infiniti G35 coupe). Talk of the Skyline comming to the states as a Z car platformed monster is AWESOME! Toyota is getting back into the game w/ the new supra (look for a concept soon from what i'm told). The NSX is also set for a redesign w/ more HP to be a little more mainstream as hondas new exotic. Even the little S2000 breaths some street power back into a bland market. Audi is overhauling the TT series and giving it more displacement, and poss even a 6cyl.

Personally, I think the future can only get brighter. The american public has shown it wants power, and the automakers can now give it to them without sacraficing gas or weight! New tech is going to be hard on old school guys like myself (pushroods are GOOOOOD) but it's amazing the kind of numbers they are pulling out of motors these days.

Anyway, Just my .02! .....when will dodge resurect the plymouth name and build the 'cuda, road runner (could you imagine the marketing potential of that now!? Classic man....) and bring the prowler back with HEMI power (same size and weight almost... boy THAT would be fun!)

Ps. there are a TON of spelling mistakes.... deal with it /images/graemlins/bootyshake.gif
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Re: Suddenly, it\'s 1969 all over again!!

This is a GOOD thing.
Re: Suddenly, it\'s 1969 all over again!!

maby they ran out of ideas which is a good thing.
Re: Suddenly, it\'s 1969 all over again!!

I think we're living in a cool time, cars just keep getting faster and faster. I wonder when things are gonna peak.
Re: Suddenly, it\'s 1969 all over again!!

It is a great time to be a car enthusiast.My 300hp corvette
is now becoming a car that can't even beat some new
4 door sedans.(M5,etc).A damn infiniti M45 has 340hp.
Horsepower wars are good!
Re: Suddenly, it\'s 1969 all over again!!

bring on the HP!
Re: Suddenly, it\'s 1969 all over again!!

Amen, and the cars are looking better too. I saw a picture of the new mustang and I actually LIKE it. I can't wait to see the high HP wars begin. Too bad the Viper isn't making any big attempts to be the undesputed king of the hill. Maybe this will help Dodge wake up and keep the Viper clearly above the rest. The Viper won't sell unless it's HP number are clearly above the rest (especially since it won't sell on its looks anymore).
Re: Suddenly, it\'s 1969 all over again!!

The sport compact market is the best segment for buyers. Performance for next to nothing..with a warranty.
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