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Stupidest viper mod ever

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Come on guys you know you all want to stick some spinners over your stock wheels. I don't know what to say, thats just bad.
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That's one of the stupidest things I have EVER seen done to a car. The owner should be beaten.
There was a story about this guy over at the VCA about 3 weeks ago. Those wheels look like crap! He must have called "Pimp my Ride"
Damn! Now I've got a mess in my trash can, and I have to eat lunch again!
Wonder if he gets less mileage with the visors in that position...

BLING fucken BLING...
If spinners are rotating at a stand still, will the car launch or accelerate quicker because of the forward spinning motion?hmmmm?
The car is in Mexico, saw it. Belongs to the chief of bling in Mexico. The guy works for the Mexican government and is based out of Acapulco.

He was working on the under body florescent lights along with other like mods.

or maybe there are two,

this could belong to she bang she bang from the American idol, he came into a lot of money with his new found fame.
No, that's the car that Chris saw in KC. Has Missouri plates. I'm still betting it's "Tattoed."
remind me not to call him for fashion advice.
Schillinger said:
No, that's the car that Chris saw in KC. Has Missouri plates. I'm still betting it's "Tattoed."
Schill is right. That's Chris' car in the background of the one pic.
Awesome! I've been thinking about doing the same to my Viper but thought it would look stupid. Now I know.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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