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So I am going through my spare bedroom and came across some stock stuff and thought I would offer it up on here before going to e bay. All parts are off of my 2000 GTS. I have some stock rotors that have about 5k on them all 4. Stock Headers that have the heat shields and 1 gasket. I am looking for the other gasket. I also have a 2000 computer but I am not sure if I want to sell that. A while back there was a set of headers and computer on e bay and I bought them. The guy claimed that the computer had been redone by someone at Dodge and it made his car extremely fast. So I thought what the hell and bought it. I have never put it on a dyno to see if there was a difference but if there is I cant really tell. I did the exhaust and the computer at the same time. I may have got scammed on that deal but that was before I was a member of the VA. So I guess if someone needs any of these just make me an offer.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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