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Stroker Motor upgrades

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it seems that a stroker 510 is an excellent upgrade and offers no discernable sacrifice by way of daily drivability or reliability.

how "bad" is a stroker 542?? what is expected to be gained from it prior to it needing "redone"? 10K? 15K? any input?
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Honestly why would you want to stroke a motor like the Viper V-10? If its NA power you want and you just have to be NA cause that is your thing i guess i can understand. But 488 cubes is alot of motor to work with.

I guess lots of variables can come into play as to why go the stroker route, but there are easier and much more cost efficient ways to achieve big h.p. and tq. than going the stroker route.

But to each his own, i am honestly just curious (because you drag race not road race), no flame intended.
actually i do all types of racing abd this yr will be my first (and hopefully not last) time for me in the SSCC. ive always liked NA
I think a stroker's an excellent foundation for later mods. Imagine a 542 with a s/c and a touch of NOS.

That LPE 542 is running 10flat.

Are you worried about the 542 wearing itself out over time - just because it's bigger? I don't know that it'd have to be prone to that.

Someone from Elite mentioned once how much extra machining there was. Call them.
Nothing wrong with the 542 - Norm just ran a 10.0 in the quater mile @ 142 MPH.

Only down side is the cost of the new crank.
I would like to add that over time there is some risk with a 542 or 550. The longer stroke will put more strain on the block. This could lead to failure of components. Chosing who does the work and what parts they use would be very important.

But lets face it.. on motor only the big stroker can be tuned to 700/700 at the wheels - plus it can be made to run VERY fast. I (obviously) think it is the ultimate way to go. Who needs a balky supercharger taking up room and adding weight...... Flame suit on.

What are the bores and strokes on these different combo's. 510,542,550?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Here's my take on the bore/stroke:

anything over.030 does the walls start to get thin? Or are the production blocks pretty thick?
Hey V10 MOJO - you are right on the money. 510 is about as big as you want to go if you want a long life engine you can rpm high, and road racing likes high rpms.

A big stroker can be built very strong with the right combo - but it will never like to rpm high and do it forever. A big stroker is ok for drag racing at safe rpms but you'd be brave to have it sitting on 6000+rpm for long - it'd have a limited life up there with all that sideways push against the bore walls.
Okay guys this may go against the flow this thread is starting to follow but...

My 542 has a billet crank, billet rods, and JE pistons. The rod/piston weight is less than the stock forged rod/piston weight. My rods are 6.125" long which gives a rod/stroke ratio of 1.44. One of the reasons the 510 is so popular is that the extra stroke can be achieved by offset grinding the stock crank. The 542 requires a new crank, but a billet crank is going to be much stronger than the stock crank ESPECIALLY IF YOU OFFSET GRIND the crank. A having a new crank built also allows you to use smaller rod journals which creates less heat/drag than the stock journals. I believe my motor will last just as long if not longer than any 510 stroker built from a stock crank.

I agree with FE065 that a 542 billet crank/billet rods is an awesome foundation to start with. If you go this route, you now have a bullet proof motor to SC or TT. By the way, contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to raise the CR of the motor when you build a stroker. You can use dished pistons to achieve any CR you desire AND this allows you to retains the original quench area of the heads. This is preferable to adding thicker head gaskets to reduce the CR.
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Who are some of the manufactures of forged cranks and rods? Are they some of the conventional manufactures from the V-8 crowd or viper specific company's?
moldex i think is the bigshot for the crank. manley for pistons/rods i think.

ive heard horror stories though about the wait time for a moldex crank for a viper
Is moldex the only option? None of the Big Names? (scat,callies,lunati,cola,)
for the crank there's a company called VGX thats pretty good..i'm workin with one of their cranks right now...and oliver makes a good rod...and diamond makes some good does J&E pistons...Len
Henry Velasco makes a billet 4340 (or for those with deep pockets en30b alloy) crank for the Viper. The price for one of his billet cranks is about $4000.
Are there manufactures websites for the above listed cranks? (VGX,Moldex and Henry Velasco)
Believe it or not, Henry Velasco, the king of top fuel billet cranks doesn't have a web site! You have to call him if you want a crank. Drop me a PM if you want the number.
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