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Storm Chasers......fallowing the path of destruction of Hurricane Frances

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The Florida posse will be(hopefully)chasing Hurricane Frances out of the state of Florida with our trucks and trailers. We were scheduled to leave the state of Florida early Sunday morning. But due to the hurricane Frances doing its pass thru Florida with it's destruction, we will have to let it pass by our families and our businesses first to make sure that all is well before we leave.

The people that will be leaving will be myself...Cudaman(Ward Reasoner), Vern Hill, Fuelman(John Canal)and his wife, Gary Saultis and his wife(Vern's driver), Larry Macedo, Lee and Joe Saunders, and others.

I am sure it will be an adventure to get to another V-10 Nationals and VOI. I know it took me a trip from half way around the world (Australia) to get to the last V-10 Nationals.

I hope and pray for all the people in the state of Florida to get thru another another major/killer hurricane and then the V-10 National racers traveling thru it path of destruction to get to the races.

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Ward, glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Congrats on the Street Tire Shoot Out. :thumb: Look forward to seeing results from today.

Seems like the more adventurous the journey is to get to these V10 Nat events, the better you do. You're going to have to come up with something for Bradenton.
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