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Stickiest tire for 19 inch wheels?

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Guys, other than Pilots, what else are there that will provide better traction for those running 19 inch wheels?

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Only other choice that I know of are the Pirelli P Zeros.
Anthony, do those give much better grip?
Manny C. AKA Superbar said:
Anthony, do those give much better grip?
Maybe a little. No huge difference. Its more preference than anything.

The P-Zero comes in a 20 or 25 series 19" tire - if you want less sidewall height and to lower your car more.
P-zeros SUCK especially if you roadrace, they chunk like a bastard /images/graemlins/pimp

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DO they make Kumhos in 19"?
hell no, i wish! i am thinking of dumping my 19s for some 18s and BFGs
Unfortunately, I think the answer is Pilots. /images/graemlins/down It sure would be nice if BFG would make a 19" drag radial, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.
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Are the new Pilots on the SRT 335? Those are probably real sticky too.
i have 345 on my car right now, and it is spin city...
OK guys... for those of you who are interested in getting rid of your 19's, ...
...I will make you a great offer. I have a very nice sets of 17" Gen I three spokes that I will trade you. Even. You won't have to pay additional!! Tires are readily available for street or drag!!! :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod: :thumb:
Pirellis dont hook up very well at all. I have 305/30-19 Pzeros on my car and they are horrible from any low mph. Of course no 19" tire is going to act as like 16" ET streets but there has got to be some better alternatives. Nitto and BFG will eventually make a drag radial for 19s, its inevitable with all the new cars coming out with bigger and bigger wheels. 18" wheels with BFG 345 DR's are your best bet at this point.
Manny, that is why I am waiting for John Purner to make the 18" version of the wheels you have(Which are the most beautiful wheels I have ever seen, by the way).

With the 18's, the tires are available for many different needs.

You can also get the michelin pilot cup sport that is
1. grippy as hell
2. speed rated to the same speed as the pilots
3. comes in a 345=> which different than all the other 345/18's is the same overall diameter as the 335's.
4. if you want a slightly taller tire, you can get that too!(In case you want to go 214 MPH with the stock 5th gear in the tranny! /images/graemlins/biggrin /images/graemlins/dude
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Paolo, did John Purner say he was going to make an 18, or are you just hoping?
Tell Purner I"m mad at him for not buying that wheel machine from me! /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

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Paolo, what wheels do you have on your car right now?
Paolo, John had said he wasn't going to make the new wheel in 18 because of the tooling costs; do you think he's changed his mind?
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