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I bought my 99 ACR from them back in October. It was advertised to have upgraded shocks. I asked about this over the phone and the salesman said he was not sure what kind of shocks they were, but assured me that the original shocks would come with the car in a separate box. This was acceptable to me. About two weeks went by before we finally sealed the deal. I had forgotten about the shocks since then and drove the car home. Not long after I got back (about a week) I called this dealership about the shocks and they said they would ship them to me. After about a month I called back and was told they could not locate the shocks! Each time I called they would feed me some more crap like, "I think they are at our other facility...etc" Well now it has been six months and they are now pretty much blowing me off completely. It is my opinion that they either a) never had the shocks or b) sold them to someone else a long time ago. Either way, I am pretty sure I will never see them.

In case you were wondering about the "upgraded" shocks. Well they turned out to be standard GTS shocks.
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