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He had posted a link to his ebay auction earlier this week. His post was removed due to some complaints. Bigr1 is a deceitful person and cannot be trusted. Earlier in the week when I posted not to buy from this crook, I got at least 3 PM's from people about this guy.

He often buys used items and tries to resell them as new. I noticed he is using a different email in his latest ads.

His previous scam was selling skip shift eliminators. He was selling them as Northwind models, but all he was providing was resistors. He bought one on ebay and photocopied the instructions. Then he must have gone to Radio Shack and bought some resistors. I know because unfortunately he scammed me.

The least I can do is warn others of this ass.

Currently he has a Venom 550 and headers listed in the classifieds here.

DO NOT BUY FROM HIM. But if you decide to anyway, at least you have been warned.!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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