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Starting problem

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My Viper remote won't open the lock, so I removed the rear window. The ignition turned, but the car won't start, does Viper has anti theft fuel cut off? How do I reset the alarm?
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I will try that, Mine is 2000 RT10
Thank, I was having trouble locating the battery. Couldn't find it in the engine compartment nor the trunk.
Thanks, Graig, I found the reset switch inside the glove box, I put the key in and it turns, but the door is still locked and won't respond to the remote and I could not find the owners manual. I really apprecaite your help. Am I suppose to hold the key in the reset switch for 10 minutes? Thanks.
Thank you everyone, problem solved, I disconnected the positive terminal next to the main fusebox and waited 10 minutes, reconnect and it resets the fuel cut off and started right up. Now only if I can find the code for my radio.

Thanks again for all your help.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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