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SS Brake lines

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Stainless steel brakelines whose got them on their Viper. I have the she beast sitting on jackstands while detailing the suspension (painting the top hats etc...) and switching to EBC greens.

I saw one set of SS lines in the snake oyl catalog for $200.00 and wondered if there were other choices/quality.

Could they just be a waste of money if you do not track your Viper?

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Gerald who are you buying from and $$$
That's cool of Smokin and great for youse.

Seems I read where Black Vipers don't need SS lines, so send 'em to me. MMM'kay

BTW... is that you modeling the MN VCA hat and thong panties in CitySnakes Avatar? :lolcry:
J DAWG said:
Is it difficult to bleed the brakes on a Viper or is it the same principle as with other cars?

Tiepilot. You said 1 set was $200, so how many sets does the car take?

City-Why would the greens not work?
THe front set of two lines is $200, I haven't the price for the rears probably the same $200 or close.

Viper brakes are the same or easier as any other car to bleed brakes lines.

Greens will not work on the track, you usually put EBC Reds on the front and EBC Yellows on the rear. They are of different compounds and require different degrees in heat to function properly.

EBC Reds would not stop a car in normal traffic quickly, they require heat to properly grip the rotor and therefore they require the demands of the track.

EBC Greens would wear out quickly on a track and probably fade on you, whereas they work superbly on the street where sustained heat isn't likely.

Your next question is going to be : Why the greens? The greens are a kevlar compound and virtually dustless as compared to regular OEM brake pads. They also are the best pad you can get for a street car.

and that's all I got to say about that........ :dance:
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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