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SS Brake lines

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Stainless steel brakelines whose got them on their Viper. I have the she beast sitting on jackstands while detailing the suspension (painting the top hats etc...) and switching to EBC greens.

I saw one set of SS lines in the snake oyl catalog for $200.00 and wondered if there were other choices/quality.

Could they just be a waste of money if you do not track your Viper?

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Is it difficult to bleed the brakes on a Viper or is it the same principle as with other cars?

Tiepilot. You said 1 set was $200, so how many sets does the car take?

City-Why would the greens not work?
Tiepilot Thanks for the answers.

1 last ?. Would the greens at least be better than stock on a track. I am trying to get involved with a little road racing, but up until now I have been doing the parking lot variety.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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