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SRT10 opinion from my 8 year old

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I often bring Vipers to my home that I deliver to customers who drive long distances to bring their cars to me. Friday I brought home a yellow Roe supercharged GTS (Lady Nightstalker's). My sons (ages 8 and 5) love Vipers. They have a ton of fun looking at the cars and telling their friends all about them. So, Sunday, I take Lady her car and bring home a Silver SRT 10. When I get home, the kids meet me in the driveway. The youngest ask "what is it?" and the oldest says "It says Viper on the side?!" "Dad, is this a Viper?" He then ask me to open the hood. I open the hood and he says "No way is this Viper! The hood doesn't open like it should and it doesn't even look like a race car!" Just thought I would share the opinion of a young mind.

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Dr Roof said:

What size shirts do your kids wear? I will send them a t-shirt fromt he V-10 Nationals
Thanks David, they are both about the same size, a kids medium or 8-10 size will be fine. I will be missing the Florida event but I WILL see you at the next one. I am sure you will put on a great event again. Have fun and be safe.

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