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SRT10 Just dyno'd

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Re: SRT10 Just dyno\'d

I just saw that and I must admit, those are some impressive STOCK #'s
Re: SRT10 Just dyno\'d

DAMN. I am staring to change my opinion of the SRT. The GenII GTS is still a better looking car INO but with those numbers stock, Hot Damn...
Re: SRT10 Just dyno\'d

Great numbers for a stock engine - very strong. /images/graemlins/gr_driving3.gif

It is also starting to look better to me - although I have not seen one in person. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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Re: SRT10 Just dyno\'d

When the first #s were put up, almost everyone said how low they are. I sat back and kept my mouth shut knowing that 1 car does not represent the actual #s for all cars.Just like theses #s do not.

I am sure that once some of them get some miles on them and more of them visit dyno's the real #s will come out.

The engines are too new with too few miles to put down "real #s".

I can't wait 'till someone does a dyno run showing the effect on a new airbox/filter assy. There looks to be some hp/tq to be gained there.

Re: SRT10 Just dyno\'d

TNT got something like 23 RWHP just out of a revised airbox.
Re: SRT10 Just dyno\'d

Craig201MPH said:
TNT got something like 23 RWHP just out of a revised airbox. <hr /></blockquote>

Yet to show proof of this.
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