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SRT-10 for sale - CHEAP!

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Er, what's up with that, a reserve price of $35k not met, but a buy it now price of $35,001?!
I'm not paying 35k for a used S2000.
its got a European plate on it.

as does all the other cars in some of the pics.

This is one of those new restricted bidder scams. A similar auction for an SL500 was posted in Anything Goes a couple weeks ago.
I"m talking to the person now. He says car is in the US.. This should be fun.
Anything I should ask him to expose this scam? /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

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Ask for the VIN.....start asking Viper specific question....ask him how many cylinders it has /images/graemlins/smiles /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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OK so far he said it's in Monterey, LA.
Automatic transmission? I missed that option. Ask for a picture of the car with a current newspaper to verify that seller actually has the car.
what is really strange is the eBay user "auntieweezer" sounds like a woman and if you look at his/her selling int he past..its all nick nack stuff.

I wonder if the identity was stolen as well.

How are you taking with this person? Phone or email? I emailed this guy 3 times with no response at this point. Darn! you are having all the fun!
Guys, simma don naw! I already bought it. Sent the guy a cashiers check this morning. He promised to ship the car as soon as it cleared. I can't wait!
The link comes up "invalid item" now - guess they pulled it.

Ebay is gonna get an even worse reputation that they already have if they don't control this kind of thing... /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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Gerald said:
I"m talking to the person now. He says car is in the US.. This should be fun.
Anything I should ask him to expose this scam? /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

All you have to do is offer to deliver the cashier's check in person. The "seller" will always come up with an excuse as to why they need the payment mailed or wired to an escrow account of their choosing.
guy said it was in the US and he's in Canada now. He gave me 1B3JZ65Z54V100965 for the VIN

People who fall for these scams literally deserve it.
hey!!..i ran the VIN!!!...the cars never even been sold yet!!!'s at Brandows Fairway Chrysler Jeep 900 old york rd jenkintown zip 190461599 ph#'s that???? but it's a red one!!!
Usually, these scammers say that the car (which is priced unbelievably low) is out of the country, but they will handle delivery to you when they recieve the minimum cash down as transferred funds to Norway, or Egypt, or ?.

This is a fallout from the bad E-Bay emails that say that your E-Bay account is messed up and you have to update it. Of course the misguided link is something like, or and then they pick through the list of responding suckers for someone who has an excellent selling record, and use their password to place one of these "Pre-approved bidders only" scam ads, looking legit (except for the ultra-low price).

I hope that they track down these scammers and give them jail time for this fraud. /images/graemlins/sad
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