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I have a custom built speaker box that a shop built for my GTS that has never been used. It currently has 3 Diamond 10's in it. I never had it wired up or any speakers screwed into the box. I was going to do a whole system in it and have decided not to because I want to put nitrous in it. This box is going to pound I can guarantee you that. I had this same box in my old GTS but with only 2 10's in it. I will sell the box alone, or with the Diamond TM3's or with Diamond M6 woofers that are brand new.

The TM3 woofers retail for about 150 each and are used. I had them in a truck behind the seat for a few months. I will give you one brand new one because a piece of tile fell on one the other day and went through the woofer!

The Diamond M6 woofers are brand new retail for 250 each. These have never even been out of the box yet.

I would recommend putting at least 800 watts to these woofers.

I will sell the box alone for 175.00. I paid close to 300.00 for it. With the TM3 woofers for 400.00. With the M6 woofers 650.00

I know I should post this in the classifieds but I thought it would get more exposure here!!!!

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