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I can imagine there was a lot of late nights spent welding
the reinforcements to that unibody. That's where the TIG or MIG welders
come in handy - the oxidation from welding, especially in the blind panels,
can become a cosmetic eyesore.

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You got that right, HP! The car is up and running, finally! It was painted on Saturday. We're going to reinforce the trunklid tomorrow to support the drag of the big wing. After that, there's a few little things left, such as the mirrors, mounting the anti-sub belt, installing the numbers (#22, my wife's favorite number!).
We finally got the brakes sorted out with a smaller master cylinder. Went to a 13/16" bore, which gave the non-power setup a softer pedal and more feel. MUCH better than the 15/16" MC that was in there.
We also did the final tuning on the car EARLY Saturday morning--added 2 degrees base timing (for a total of 12 degrees) and made 406.7rwhp on 91-octane gas. Niiiiiiice. Weight is 2,810lb. with 1/2 tank of fuel. Should be a missile!
Its maiden voyage will be this Sunday at Buttonwillow with Green Flag. If all goes well, I'll be at Viper Days the next weekend at Thunderhill. My techs and I built this think like the perverbial brick s***t-house, so it should hold up well.
I'll be racing against customers and friends: '03 Porsche GT2, pumped-up Mustangs, 240Zs, 300ZX TTs, Subaru WRXs, etc. I'm really interested to see how I do against the GT2. It has the ceramic brakes, race pads, and Hoosiers. My advantage is light weight, slightly more power, and tire width (335s all around!).
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