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Some F1 news

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New Penalty System, I think it sucks

After today's meeting of the FIA and team bosses, president Max Mosley confirmed that drive-through and stop-and-go penalties would be done away with this season. In the case of an on-track incident, a driver will no longer face an instant punishment but instead the situation will be considered post-race and a penalty awarded if the stewards decide one is warranted. Three penalties could lead to a race suspension.

"We are going to tell the drivers at the first race that we will no longer have drive-through or stop-go penalties where there is an incident between two cars but one or both cars continue in the race," Mosley told Reuters.

"There will be a hearing after the race and then a penalty will be imposed, depending on the gravity of the offence. If that happens three times in a season the stewards are going to look very seriously into giving a one-race suspension. It won't be automatic but they will look at it very seriously."

There has been some discontent with the on-the-spot penalty system as used last year, with some drivers saying it was inconsistent due to different stewards at different races. The new system is similar to points being awarded to a road license, which can result in a driving ban should too many accumulate.

"This is more flexible than that," Mosley said of the comparison. "But there is the principle that someone who keeps on causing an accident in a dangerous way will be looking at a suspension. But we don't want to discourage people from racing."


Rally star Petter Solberg has revealed that he recently had a special passenger on board, six-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher.
Apparently the two drivers became friends when they met whilst holidaying in Norway. Schumacher invited Solberg to take part in a football match, an invitation which the Norwegian declined, and in return the World Champion of Rallying offered to take the F1 star for a drive.

Schumacher's contract with Ferrari stipulates that the German cannot ride as passenger in competition cars, but in this case the Italian outfit cut its star driver some slack. Consequently, Solberg drove his famous passenger through the forests on the Norway-Sweden border, hitting speeds in excess of 125 mph.

"Michael came up for about three hours," Solberg told The Times. "He loved it. He wanted to know all about the set-up and my technique. Trouble is, I never think about my technique. I just do it.

"Then we went out in the car," the Norwegian continued. "I did not hold back. My feet were going like drumsticks on the pedals. It was quite a run, no pace notes and some big jumps, all at maximum attack. He looked as if he enjoyed it. He got out of the car and was jumping up and down like crazy."

It's not known if Schumacher and Ferrari will return the favour, but Solberg's definitely up for it: "I would love to have a go in an F1 car," he admitted. "Why not? But I have to say I have no clue how to drive a single seater.

"I was offered a chance to race for Renault in 1996," he continued, "but my rallying took off then. To be honest, I like rallying better. Formula One is not really my thing."
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It'll be interesting to see how it pans out.

Honestly I think it has merit. I really hate subjective on the spot interference with any race - if the race can continue for a driver without a questionable call, I'm down with that.

We'll just have to see how this actually works out but I like Bernie - he's all about wheel to wheel racing, aggressive overtaking and likes what we like for the most part. I got a kick out of his comments about how he thinks drivers should be paid vs. how they are paid now. I'll have to look up the quote but it boiled down to drivers earning their pay each race based on performance. /images/graemlins/smiles
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I agree with the pay, JV should not be making the money he is making he was a fool for leaving williams at least I think it was williams.
I like the no stop and go rule. At least give the teams time to appeal.
Craig201MPH said:
I like the no stop and go rule. At least give the teams time to appeal.
Precisely my dear boy. PRECISELY.

When they react on the spot, the stewards are often hot over whatever the infraction was and they react very quickly...and quite often the punishment far exceeds the crime. Since the punishment was always the same "stop n go" the race was as good as over for some drivers, regardless of the severity of the infraction.

This at least allows the race to proceed in rhythm and allows the drivers to do their thang without outside influences ruining their day. The 3 total thing obviously is a catch filter so that drivers don't go apeshit and just start taking liberties on the track but they are very careful to point out that a suspension is not automatic...if the 3 infractions are minor I can easily seem them not really doing jack about it.

Which is cool in theory - guess we'll find out this season. /images/graemlins/smiles

These guys aren't out there to toss away millions of dollars in cars - the punishment for being an aggressive asshole at all times who just nascars his way through the pack will come from the team/owners and not the sanctioning body - as it should.
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"nascars his way"

The new verb corwned by Nexus meaning "lack of skill in motorsport"


I respect the nascar boys - don't ge me wrong. /images/graemlins/wink

I could have also said "monstertrucks" his way through or "project gothams" his way through but "nascars" his way through pretty much paints an image everyone gets.
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