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FE 065 sold at a right price today and I have some new items, and some only used one year that will be on Ebay if no one here wants them.

NEW stuff-never installed shipping not included

Belanger headers: $1500

Borla catback: $850
It's the old single muffler on each side style, but I recently bought the Borla mufflers (used) that are used at the rear in the new 4 muffler style Borla. So you have your choice of 2 or 4 mufflers on your car with this complete 4 muffler kit. (The original Borla tailpipes haven't been cut yet for the additional mufflers.)

Macedo Motorsports HD axles (same as BTR) $600

Unitrax 3.45 ring and pinion with speedo recalibrator $450 (new $516)

Roe fan kit $75, let's fan run after engine is turned off

intake gaskets $20

USED STUFF(1 year or less)

Electric SSB vacuum pump and Al catch tank $200
(for crankcase evacuation)

Caspers Electronics O2 simulators $90 plug in play(incl. O2 plugs)

One pair of 18" OEM Wheels $1900

One 18" front wheel $650

One set (4) 18" Michelins w/ 90% (9/32")tread left. $700

Autometer shift lite $45, mounted on OEM upper steering column cover

PM me if you're interested in anything
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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