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soft top

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any rt10 owners interested in a used good condition soft top. I have not posted it in classifieds or ebay, etc. yet. Just wanted to see if any alley members wanted it first.I can take pics, etc..just pm me.
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What are you looking to get for it? Also, will it fit a 93?
What are you looking to get for it? Also, will it fit a 93?
It will not fit the 93. Front pins are different
My rt10 is a 2001 so, I'm not sure if it will fit a 93..I'm with snake hydes, I don't think it will. Snake Hydes, nice avatar, did you use the one I made for you?
Yes I did thanks. Just realized that you live only a short ways from here. I am 39 miles north of Panama City Beach. Maybe we can plan to get together someday.
Awesome Chad,

Listen, I surf p'cola and panama city all the time...just surfed erika this past weekend. sprained my ankle, but managed to hobble to the autorave car show at the colliseum in biloxi...chip (handle name iispms or something like that) was there and we met and want to get together. This coming weekend (next saturday, there's a car show at hank arron stadium in mobile...we should go!!!!! Well crash the party) You have the exact same car as i DO. I just lowered mine an inch and lightly tinted the windows. If not this weekend, Just name a weekend and we'll make it happen. I really want to s/c the beast and may be sendind it to jacksonville. Keep in do you have an aftermarket system in your viper...or is it the factory alpine...I also have a din connector that was made for mine to convert from din to rca that my brother made. be in touch.
I am interested in a 2001 softtop. Anything wrong with it. Let me know what you need for it. [email protected] Thanks, Drew
what is a fair price for a soft top in good condition without tears, fading, etc. I want to be fair, what do you think rt10 owners?
I have first hand knowledge of this.

I bought the side rail package to fix mine only realizing that the rail wasn't busted, but the rear piece had busted on the other side of the pivot. Of course I only realized this once I broke the "tamper proof" tape on the new kit :doh: so much for returning it.

As for what it's worth. Well, DC wants $1100 for the rail kit and $3300 for an entire new top. I'd say at least less than some of the aftermarket hardtops <$2,500, but seeing the premium DC wants for a new one, you can still get a pretty good "fair" price it seems. I would love to haggle with you, but mine is a '95 and it won't fit. The compatibility is as follows:
97-99 I Think
00-02 I Think

I'm not possitive past '96, but I think that is right.
Anyway, good luck.
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I'd let it go for about $700 plus shipping. It's a fair price and I'd like to be able to "contribute" to the viper community.
That makes me sick.
I'd buy it yesterday if it would fit a '95.
wish it fit too, would love to let you have it for a great price.
Don't you need the soft top for your car?!
I have 2 soft tops 1 new and 1 used and a hard top new
going up on ebay soon
I just paid $850.00 for one on e-bay and that is the lowest price I have seen one go for on there. They generally go for $950.00 to $1100.00. I have been watching for a year.
what was the condition prodiver?
looking for a 94 soft top if available please.
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