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Snake Oyl Products

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I had a good experience with a transaction thru Snake Oyl recently that bears mentioning. I bought a pair of aluminum air screens for my ACR foglamp holes a couple years ago. I got too busy to install them and found out a yra later that they were too big for the openings! I called Cory who promptly sent me a replacement. I ended up returning both since neither worked out for me. I was given a full merchanise credit without hesitation. I didn't expect to get this much considering the situation.
Cory will talk your ear off if you let him. Great vendor.
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I use the cruise control they sell, works exactly as it is supposed to. I wouldn't take a long trip with one.
I bought everything from them. No screwing around, great price, and great info. I will continue do business with them.
ordered a few things (two sets of racing harnesses, etc.) and all went well but one time I ordered the mats. Well, I decided to go with another set and called them to cancel. They had not shipped them out yet but wanted to charge me a "restocking" fee. I will never buy from them again.
Hope the few bucks were worth it. :screwy:
Purchased cognac mats from them - great service and prompt delivery!
I've bought mats and other items from them and everything was fine. One time there was some confusion and they billed me for restocking too, but I wrote a letter to Cory and he quickly corrected the matter. Good people to do business with!
Should have done so with me. 4 Vipers later and no money spent with them.
I agree with Jason, I have had some small problems like that. Their attitude seems to be, "where else ya gonna go"? Might have been true at one time, not now.
I bought some of RUNNR Christmas presents from there. They did good by me!
I also just had very good service from them.

I bought one of their cruise control units and used it on a drive from Texas to Canada and back. While I was in Canada, the transmitter and receiver went out of sync ... as electronics do from time to time. Cory tried to Fed Ex a replacement overnight to me right before the return trip, but it got hung up in customs. At my request, he then sent a second to the bus station in Fargo, ND for me to pick up. I had my cruise back for the drive home!

Now, that is great service!!
i've done buis. with corey for 10 years now. purchased everything from
shocks, headers, alum fwx, big break kits, 355 rr gears to mats. he's always done me right. yes the man can talk. he's friendly. i like that.
prices have been excellent. also he's always there for you in case of questions. and believe me there were questions, and he had the answers.
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