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Smooth tubes

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where is a good place to get smooth tubes?
Is there any other bolt-on mods i can get on my viper?
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Anywhere. I think Roe Racing was cheaper than PartsRack when I was shopping. Both are online.
I got my from JonB at parts rack. You can even get them on e-bay. There might be some guys here on the board who sell them. Here are some pics...definately get some... smooooth
I don't know if anyone knows this but you can get them at any NAPA store. :nod:

I was looking on
Whats the best smooth tubes i can get?
Which is right for my FE viper?
If it's stock, I don't think you need the fancy ones with metal braces or loops to hold them open. I'd just get silicone. You can ask JonB at PartsRack--he's reliable.
Get the Chromies, they look really cool, and you can weld a bung in later on for the N20 nozzles, since you are currently underpowered...
What about these?
Is there ny difference in performance compared to the extra money ?

Smooth Tubes - Mopar
If you buy these, I'll include a set of our $49 ones for free! Nobody has yet taken us up on this offer, but the tubes are available if you want them and can't do math.

… ACR production part with correct molded bend and hose end diameters

… Increased air flow with less turbulence provides more horsepower

… 5-ply polyester reinforced silicone shell eliminates collapse due to high vacuum

… Fluro-silicone liner for fuel/oil protection and 100,000+ mile durability

… Includes 2 hoses
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So im thinking of upgrading to just bolt on parts for now?
Any suggestions other then the smooth tubes and K&N's?
Will i get the same HP output with the silicone smooth tunes and S&N filters from roeracing as i will with the smooth tubes and K&N filters with

Is there any better smooth tubes??? /images/graemlins/freak3.gif
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Mapar smooth tubes are a complete and total rip off...they are not better than the $60 tubes...if you're going cheap, get the red ones from either PartsRack or makes no diff...K&N...S& diff in performance...I personally stay with the "better" (more recognized) brand name...

Just get the chromies damn it!!!
Ok ok
I guess im going to the chromes and the K&Ns from

How hard are they to install?
They are cake to install...Buy a service manual if any other little stuff comes up, you can easily handle it...not to mention it's a good read...
Thx for your help!
Should be getting items in soon.
you should have waited!! i have the chrome tubes with red connectors that i would sell you for 50 bucks! they are 100+ new, and i only had them a few months.....anybody else want them? they are all yours
How about $40 and I'll pick them up? You won't even have to worry about a box! :thumb:
BigC 50 bucks and i'll deliver them to you ;). they are still in Maryland, i'll have them in 2 weeks.....
I had the Roe tubes and SPs. Added 17 RWHP from stock. Did one pull stock, and another with the tubes and filters on.
Where do you live again? Shit I don't need those things, I have factory smooth tubes! I just figured the chrome might look kinda neat.
Redsnake desnt even have smooth tubes....fuckin broke bastage
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