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Sidesill fasteners - options?

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I've tried larger stainless screws for the side sills, but am concerned that these will give way with repeated sill removals. Anyone find a simple plastic fastener that gets the job done and holds up to the heat?
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I heard these will work.

I can not say if they do work, but someone on the I believe used them and said they did.

Here is a possible option for you. I'm thinking of doing this one myself as I noticed one of my screws recently fell out and I'm glad I didn't find it in my rear tire.
Ken's link to .org is a good solution. I may try it sometime but when I do I'll duct tape the edges of the sill so when I go off course it doesn't act like a shovel and break away trying to scoop up the kitty litter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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