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Should a person who has a poll to be banned...

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be suspended until the poll is over?

Firechicken is a prime example.
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we are talking about this right now. We never implemented this type of rules as he is going to be our first banee. As a suggestion I say taht if we get 10 or more votes and we have 66% or greater supporting the banning. At that point his privilidges should be suspended until the poll runs its 72 hour course.
So far, the rules do not specify so that means "no". We can vote on that if you want. My opinion would be innocent until convicted.
Firechicken sets the case for however. He is only continuing with renewed effort now that he knows his time is limited. Placing him on suspension would remove further cluttering of the board.
If you guys like my proposal above, I can start a poll. Or if you have any amendments, speak up. WE can get this rolling in 24 hours. The sooner you chime in the better. His banning poll still has 3 days left.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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