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I would like to replace the shifter in my car with a short throw shifter, any suggestions on which one is the best one to get.
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Check out the B&M Ripper if you want to replace the whole thing.


Or you could do just a different knob such as one from MGW.

Or change the shifter shaft assy. and get one from Rich Detert

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I checked out the B$M on their website, I think that is the route I want to take....does anybody know what they cost, it wasn't listed on the site
Jegs $249.99

Don't think you will beat that price. But I could be wrong...but I doubt it. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

Edit: Unless you want to buy off Ebay. If you trust this place.

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Thanks for the link, that looks like a fair price to you know how difficult it is to install :thumb:
Mine is just a knob. It goes a lil lower too I think. I rememeber raising it.


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Glad to help. :cheers:

As far as putting it in, can't be hard. But then again I worked on cars for a living for many years, so most things are easy to me.

Maybe one of the guys who put one in will see this and answer you.

I put a B&M in my '97 GTS. Easy job (I am not a mechanic!). Depending on what year car you have, the hardest part is drilling out the rivets to remove the stock need several drill bits. Gen I cars have softer aluminum rivets, Gen II have hard brass rivets. I paid the above price for mine after checking a bit. A definite improvement with new shifter...make sure to use the new upper shifter lever that comes with the kit (there's an option to use the stock upper shift lever with the rubber isolation...don't do it). There's minimal if any additional vibration with the billet lever without the rubber isolator and the shifts are more accurate IMO. You also have to drill a couple of holes in the transmission tunnel to get to a couple of bolts but it's not hard.
If all this sounds like to much for you, you might consider just changing to a shorter MGW knob and get a shorter throw. Some have done both but most believe the combination of the MGW shifter knob and B&M short throw shifter makes it so short it's more difficult (less leverage...especially for reverse) so I put the stock shifter knob on and like it that way.
You should check out the "How To" section over at .org for more details on installation.

Hope this helps.
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