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Tom Sessions is coming to FL after VIR ViperDays. He will be doing the 998 and 999 Viper recalls as well as the Prowler ball joint recall and SRT valve recall. We are looking for facilities in Orlando, Tampa and Jax for Tom to do the work. Macedo? Elite? Roe? Tom will also need a place to stay.

If you know any Prowler folks that need work done let them know.

We need a specific confirmation of folks that want to have this done so Tom can order the correct quantity of parts.

If you are interested please email me or Tom [email protected] the following info...

There have been some horror stories about these recalls being done incorrectly at inexperienced shops. Tom Sessions is a professional and an expert Viper Tech. He is also the Chief Tech Inspector for ViperDays. His credentials and abilities are too many to list. That is why I'm having him work on my Vipers.

This is being paid for by Dodge and Tom is not asking for anything. That’s a subtle hint by yours truly - me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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