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Serious Eric's BBee GTS - Not Pretty!!

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Serious Eric\'s BBee GTS - Not Pretty!!

Well, unfortunately, Serious Eric has the undesirable distinction of being the first "exotic car owner" whom I personally know, that has graced the pages of "Wrecked Exotics" web site. Ouch!!! Eric, glad you're doing well buddy!!!


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Re: Serious Eric\'s BBee GTS - Not Pretty!!

Bonkers red GTS is on that site as well.

SE...sad to she your gal go like least she was doing what she loved when she died.
Re: Serious Eric\'s BBee GTS - Not Pretty!!

SeriousEric said:
Wow! I had no idea it'd gotten in to Wrecked Exotics. That first pic doesn't do the damage justice. It makes it look like the passenger side was OK, which it wasn't. The car was bent in a 'U' shape and the hood had pushed around into the door. The hood itself was totally screwed, the roof is crumpled and the windshield is split along with the windshield frame being pushed over so far that the passenger's door had an inch gap around it.

Poor ol' bee. Damn I loved that car.

Shit. Really hurts again to see that. My daughter just saw it and she cried. None of 'em had ever seen it before this.

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