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Selling the Beast

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I am selling my 01 yellow rt10 if anyone wants to buy it....I'll go ahead and let everyone know, I won't go a penny below 52K. It has 15K miles, immaculate, of course, KN's, chrome smooth tubes, eibachs, new tires, both tops are brand new, If anyone is interestedm or knows someone who is, PM me.....

I got into an accident today in my 4 runner...sux. A lady just creamed me when she wasn't looking. I will be getting a new SUV and will buy another rt10 for sure. As of now, I'm positive I'll be selling it. May change my mind if it doesn't sell quickly.
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Locally or even on the boards, I personally think you could ASK a little more and give yourself some room to dicker. For some reason people like yellow. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

Hope it sells for you and I hope you are ok after the accident. Must of been one of those retired Floridians that flock up to the coast to piss away there soc. sec. check. :cheers:
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I will give you 51,999,99. /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

Good luck selling! I would run an ad here, VCA, Autotrader and Ebay.
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Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear your forced to sell the Viper, make her insurance pay!
Forced to sell the viper? That's not the case...I'm selling it to get another one. My wrecked 4 runner is another story.
Why are you selling it if your just going to get another RT?
I want one with lower miles
I mean, is 15K getting up there with mileage?
So you are the one buying all the low mileage Vipers putting & on all the miles. I knew that someone had to be out there putting all the miles on the Vipers. LOL Good luck on a fast sale, yellow is a great color
But I thought you wanted a GTS? Why go trough all the trouble of selling to get another RT/10, even with lower miles? 15K on an '01 is some miles, but so what if you're enjoying driving it and like the car you have. I don't figure you'd lose any more money by continuing to drive your current 01 vs. the various depreciation and tax hits you'll incur from flipping cars frequently to keep the miles low on each.
you are correct. I have taken that into consideration and I hadn't exactly sold my car yet. You do lose money doing that....I will just supercharge it I guess...Thanks for the input. There exists a point on the graph where miles are crucial and then not so crucial after you've crossed a threshold.
You should get a GTS, as everyone knows, they are way faster.
15K miles is nothing. Unless you want a different color, I wouldn't do it, especially if your car has been reliable. You know the history of the car. Keep it, mod it and enjoy it. Unless the visions of the blue/white GTS finally get the best of you.

Good Luck.
gts's get too warm inside, viper without a top is higher on my priority list..always has been, but I'm sure there's always an rt owner that would like to have a gts and a gts owner that would like to have an rt..Just the way it goes.
I have found that most people who own a viper, always want two. I want a GTS, but I will not sell my RT to get it.
Selling because 15k is too many miles?! It's a frickin' car?! I've got nearly 50k, and it makes sense to keep driving it because the marginal decline on value of mileage after a certain point is minimal - keep the car, drive it more often, supercharge it, then give it me since you are so worried about mileage on it.

You already have high miles, with respect to holding value.

But you have virtually no miles in terms of the life of the car.

Keep it, drive it, and enjoy it.
schillinger, you're right. I'm keeping it. THANKS GUYS..I'M JUST GOING TO SUPERCHARGE IT NOW.
Makaha said:
schillinger, you're right. I'm keeping it. THANKS GUYS..I'M JUST GOING TO SUPERCHARGE IT NOW.

Good call!!! :thumb:
that a boy. nothing like a little boost to wake up the snake.
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