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SC\'d F-body calling me out

Below is a dialog between on of my friends and myself. He runs a Pontiac Trans Am with a similier set up to what I used to own although with greater success. His car on n2o has run 11.1x @ 131 so it's capable. On blower only he ought to be 12.0 or so. Those times are on ET Streets on a slipery track. I think with street tires to add about .3 to .5 to the time. I'm thinking that I will probably get him on the non n2o run since I might launch better. The n20 runs will be interesting due to the amout of back pedalling. Comments?

The comments after the -- are mine.

We run street tires -- No ET streets or drag radials, true street tire. I'll be running my Pilots that came from the factory in 2000.

We run closed exhaust --I'm not f*cking with the exhaust. I have cats and mufflers and plan to run it that way.

We run once w/o n2o --fine on SC you about 50HP up and lighter. I have more tq and more tire. That would be interesting

We run "best 2 out of 3" w/ n2o --I'll probably get booted after my first run on n2o so by default, you'll win. I suggest this change. One run without n2o, then one run with. If I get booted we add our two runs together and see who has the lowest overall time. If I don't get booted and it's one win each, then the lowest time gets to choose the next race, n2o or non n2o. If someone has won both races, then they are the winner. I'd also want the to add the following. Run in full street trim, no skinnies, all sway bars connected, no interior parts removed.

March is fine.
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