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Be on the lookout for these scammers!!
I received this email last night.

We've just finalized payment issues with our client this evening for the vehicle and he has informed us that he is expecting a refund payment of a vehicle that he had earlier ordered and paid for about a month ago but the order was later cancelled, because when the agent went to pick up the vehicle, he inspected the order and discovered that the vehicle was not in any good condition,so the order was cancelled and then he filed in for a refund of his money. My customer now intends to use his refund to pay for this your vehicle that he now wants to buy. Due to company policy and book keeping,this refund payment which he is expecting, can only be made out in this one whole amount, that is the full amount which he paid before,because the company policy only allows a refund payment in one cashier check, so he has to instruct for the check payment to be drawn to you.So he has informed me that payment will get t! o you in a cashier check.He is expecting a refund payment of $63,000.00USD,so when the payment gets to you,you are required to deduct the cost of your vehicle which is $54,000.00USD and return the remaining balance of $9,000.00USD back to our client for him to be able to offset shipping charges,tax and other commission charges.After all payment has reached you and balance sent back to our client, the agent will come for pick up, while you send other the receipt and other title papers to our client via courier. You are required to forward your payment information (1)Name,(2)Address and(3)Phone number for payment to be made to you immediately.Take care and remain blessed.Make sure that the address is correct to avoid the fund entering in any wrong hand.We will give you a call but that should be when the shippers must have started coming for the pickup for you to direct them on how they are going to reach you.Please one more thing you are required to remove the ads of the vehicle in the web.Awaiting to hear from you so that we will fina! lize everything about this transaction.
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