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Zipping along in my Neon (Prowler Purple) :p I noticed periferally then full on what appeared at first glance to be a GTS front end fascia only when I realized that the top was down and thought again RT 10. But then looking a full on third time WOWW!! AN ACTUAL SRT 10. This truly is a car that is a worthy successor to the RT 10 and is really NOT very photogenic. All of the pics that I've seen don't do the car justice. Not even when I saw the first model at the autoshow prior to it being revamped to what the car is now. What a great looker! Anyhow I managed to get a full on look at the driver wearing shades on this average weather (read cold) day here in Chicago. If your'e the owner of the car, speak up tell us how the car is from your perspective and while the gettin' is good when do you need me to take it out for a spin?

A happy convert who really understands the appeal now,

Jay K.
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