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Ok, It is all set up! If you will be attending, I need to know now. For the time/date and all the other information, please visit

Hope everybody can make it!
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Oh, the Saleen page will not work for the first few hours as I am uploadingthe page, after that it will be just fine and ready to view. By the time you guys visit it, it should be complete.
I got a note from someone about last year's event - they said you were a 15-year old kid who was putting together an event to get these cars in your neighborhood for you and your buddies (even going so far as to ask for rides).

It was also mentioned that you got a ride to and from your event from your mother and that nobody in your family owns a Viper.

Is this true?
I dont know about last years event, but I did go to the one a week or two ago and only 2 Vipers showed up (including me).
So what's the story with these events? Are they really put on by a "kid"?
WTF? Baiting vipers? ....Why didn't I think of that! /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

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I guess we have to wait for school to get out to get a clarification. I was under the impression this was a Viper owner putting together Viper events.
If you would like to suggest or know of an up coming parade, automotive event, charity event, or anything else that can be best affiliated with Viper owners and their cars, you are more than welcome to email me this event. Please specify the name, location, date, and time of the event and it could become an official 2003 Viper Rendezvous. I will contact you to confirm your event.<hr /></blockquote>

I think his website leads up to believe otherwise....
I thought it was an owner too. I was kinda surprised when he said he didnt have one.

If its a baiting scheme then Im gonna move to the Mclaren board and be a copy cat. Is there a Mclaren board? I have never been in one those yet.

To answer your question, yes he was a teenager. I dont know exactly how old, but he did get a lift home from his Mom so maybe he is only 15. His friend was also there, but he took off early, after realizing there would be no Viper cruising that day. We couldn't cruise with only 2 vipers, plus the route seemed to be really short. Most Viper cruises are all day type things, this seemed like it would take less than an hour to run through. From what I understand APEX is coming down for the next event and they are bringing some of their lethal cars.
Anyone in gerogia? If so I would love to go on an "outing" for a week and you can expence a real race car driver driving your viper. We will go from norcross to Gainsvill and you will sit in your car while I finsh my classes then we can go back to norcross and you can spend the night in my driveway. Please have car up and runing at 8 I hate cold cars. All speeding ticketts are to be payed in date by owner of car.

[email protected]
I'm 17, but I am really surprised that you didn't know how old I was, I've been posting with you guys for a while. The way you said it sounded like I was putting on this event for my sake. I made this because 2 months ago, a lot of guys said they wanted to meet up with each other after abandoning VCA events, and I tried to put up an event to get you guys together (as you asked on the old board). The reason why it was close to where I live was because I didn't want to spend a fortune on making an event that might not even succeed. I am not a jerk to try and get Vipers for my sake, that would be extremely low of me. As I said earlier, there was an over whelming number of SoCal owners that asked to have events because they abandoned VCA events. If you would like me to, I could cancel the Saleen S7 tour.
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I think weather you put on the event or not is up to you and the people who attend; not people like me who dont live even close or who don't know you.

However, for what its worth, I think that there are more than a few people here who were suprised by your age and status. I spoke with at least 10 people who all thought you were a Viper owner putting these events together. In fact, there were some who thought you were a former Viper owner planning on starting your own Club.

Anyone is welcome here - owner or not. But I think your website is a bit misleading.
Does it sound to "official", I mean what would you suggest I change to make you feel more comfortable when visiting the site? (I'm not attacking you, I would just like to know what you would suggest).
I'm not trying to tell you how to run your operation (not my place); what I am pointing out is a common misperception. How you handle it is up to you - I just dont think you want more people showing up and being suprised that the person organizing the event is not who they thought he was.
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