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Re: Salary Poll

It's good that you're asking, but you're question is just a plain basic "what can I afford" question. You'd do yourself a great service by sitting down and examining your REAL daily/monthly/annual expenses (if you're not already, buy and use Quicken). You can virtually afford any car if you finance it long enough. The problem is that for the entire length of that financing, you will likely not be able to afford any other "extraneous fun items" unless you are able to increase the income side of the equation. 7 years may be a VERY long time for some folks to "hold back". Betting/banking on more future income is how people find themselves in bankruptcy proceedings.

IMO, a Viper should definitely NOT be the first large expense item for a graduating college senior. But that's MO and it's based on MY experiences and MY level of maturity when I was 21. Not to be a downer, but have you considered saving that extra money for a few years?
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