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Safety First V-10 Nationals

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Hey Guys

I just want to let everyone know that we make sure we use VIper Friendly Tracks.

However we do care about your safety.
Please Be prepared for the following simple request:

1. Helmet
2. Full shoes (No sandals)
3. Pants are preferred
4. Long sleeve shirt just in case!

The tech of the cars are no problem just make sure we do the little things to keep good relationships with the tracks.

see you in a couple of days!
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Without wanting to start a flame fest - these are just thoughts to think about and because I'd hate to ever read about or see anything happen to any of you guys here.

I think that the writing is on the wall that safety requirements that are nationally recognized will have to be adopted by Viper owners just like everyone else as more and more 9 second cars start coming out.

There's worse things than having a roll cage and fire extinguisher in a car. It may seem cool to have a car that looks stock and runs mid 9's but would you want to be your spouse or best mates standing there while the emergency crew cut your smashed and dead body out of a wreck that was perfectly survivable in a caged car?

The risk might be low, but as these cars go faster the risk is there and things go wrong even for the best prepared cars - ask John Lingenfettors wife.

There reaches a point when you have to ask yourself - is it more important to be cool and try to maintain a stock body, or is it more important to go fast and make it safe as possible while remaining suitable for street?

They're different questions, and I'd encourage people to come up with the right answers in time.

If the event grows too big - these matters will be taken out of your hands by authorities, but it would be good to see some not waiting till then. I've seen some horrible accidents at the track - and trust me - in your stock bodied Vipers - it would be no fun to watch or be in a sudden turn and flip at 140mph after braking a half-shaft. That is no time to wish you had a cage.

These are just thoughts - but i think they are valid thoughts for those who seek to go quicker and especially those after sub 9.9 second passes.

Think about it guys - the rules are there for your safety not to be a kill joy -please consider a cage in your next upgrade if you are planning on going really fast.

Above all - be safe guys. :nod:
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