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Rt/10 window

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Is there an alternative to the back plexiglass window for an rt. Has anyone had problems with the weatherstrip around the glass?, I'm not going to get a gts (don't get me wrong, I love them, and would love to have one....I can just see you gts gurus crashing this /images/graemlins/ar15firing.gif LOL. Seriously, any suggestions? Not much to work with I suppose
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Mak..the rear window is NOT plexiglass, It IS real glass.
Mines 18 months old and I've had no problems, but what kind of problems are you finding. I have mine in for 6 months, then have it out for the summer. Is it leaking? I've only been out twice in the rain and everything was surprisingly watertight.
its real glass. and i just had to repair my seal all the way around, started cracking and splitting. im also in the process of having an entire new window made as the fucking powers that be dont make this item; gotta luv it, i got a four yr old car and cant get fuckin parts for it GOD BLESS AMERICA
Citysnake, thanks for the education. It's never been in rain, garaged kept, never been in sun for extended period of time, but I"m having the same problems V10MOJO is having. I'm wondering if there's a salvageable one out ther somewhere? thanks for the input guys. Mine is an 01 rt.
Makaha; first, explain the name to me as im a bit intellectually chalenged. ok, now

if your shit is splitting like dryrot, your fucked just like i was. go to the dealership and buy a tube of balck silicone sealant. line the entire damn inside of that seal, let sit for a couple days so as not to get high whilst driving (its perfectly ok if youre not driving, LOL) and put the window back in action. itll kinda crimp the seal a bit d/t adhesiveness but it took care of the problem and now im off to get that second window (need it so as to have one to put all my stickers on when racing (contingency bullshit)
There was a thread about the name a few days's a beach in Hawaii (oahu) that is my favorite place to surf. I go on vacation sometimes, etc.
As far as the window...I have such a great relationship with the dealer who is across the street. ANYTHING, I MEAN ANYTHING wrong with the car, he replaces without arguing. My top lifted one time while i was driving because the back prongs didn't engage well....and yes, he got me anew top in the box. this window will get replaced, I assure you. they even change my oil for free. those guys are great. I send them donuts, cookies, pizza, etc and just keep them fed with high doses of sugar every once in a while. And then when they get cavities or need cosmetic dental work, they come across the street and I DO CHARGE THEM. LOL.
damn, you got delear hos, go with it then man, go with it!

out of curiosity; from the gulf coast to surf in hawaii? ive played on the big island many times and spent a bit as well by PCB/fort walton big diff in surf, talk about growin up fast from gulf to hawaii with regard to surf, LOL
Actually, from Hawaii, to gulf coast. I've surfed all of central america, south america, complete east coast, some west coast, philippines, etc....done a lot of travelling. check out my gallery, I'll post a pic then you'll see the surfing influence in me.
sounds great, its a love of mine as well although im a novice and will never be other than
My 1996 RT has the same problem... although mine is completely torn. Someone on the .org forum sent me this link.... I have not had a chance to really research it... but there might be a weatherstrip that can be used to replace the OEM weatherstrip!

Good Luck
Who told you that this item is no longer avaliable? I would try another dealer. I have a parts manual and it says item is still avaliable. Apparently the 92 to 94 windows are made of different material.
92-94 Part #DB08245GTY lists for $242.95 and 95-2000 part #DB08788GTY lists for $573.85. I wonder what the difference is?
weeztones said:
get a gts!
Why.. the GTS is just a Shelby Daytona wannabe.

I got an rt10 because I wanted an rt10. Had all the money to buy gts just as well, but I chose not to. get a gts is a futile comment. Sorry, but it's futile.
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