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RT-10 Spotted in Miami Downtown across the street from my site.

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Who has a 96-99 Red RT-10 (Foglight clear lens years??) that parked in the parking lot across of Brickell? I'm leaving tomorrow back for the Frozen Tundra of Chicago
WHERE I BELONG!! peoples!

Your license plate begins with I23 N***

Please pm me so that I can see some Viper passenger seat time (driver's seat preferred :rofl: /images/graemlins/laughing.gif) before I head home!

So who's is it?

Jay K.

ps. was I right about the foglight clear lens years?
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There were never factory clears, that's an aftermarket thing.

I politely disagree, I can't specifically, say for fact that I know either of us is correct or incorrect, but I'll do my homework to find out otherwise.


Jay K.
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Sounds good - let me know what you find.

EDIT: You're right about the foglight clear lense covers. I think the years for those (as far as the Gen II's go) were 1996-1998. I read your post for some reason and thought you meant the amber side-markers, which were never cleared out from the factory.

Sorry about that, my apologies.
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