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RSI selling their Viper?

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With the reserve met it is still under priced with everything that this Viper has it should go much higher. To the post saying "1/4 mile at a time" is not all true even though I think it was meant as a "joke", the Viper is 100% streetable. This Viper has been taken care of better than 99.9% of the cars and Vipers on the road. The motor is like new and extremely tight and anyone wanting a Viper that is consistent needs to take a good look. If this is to much Viper for you use it as a benchmark towards any other Viper in this class. (Great kept Viper) If you had a stock Viper built to this ones specifications you would be over the 100K mark. New viper at 70K after taxes, a medium motor package and you are at 100K, now add all the other upgrades and surprise yourself.
You must be able to read the stars, right. To be an all around speed shop you need to not only have the fastest 6 speed Viper but other faster Vipers, vettes and other cars, you think?
One local tuner has only had and raced one Viper for many years, nothing new, whats up with that? To take the same Yellow Viper and change things around to say this is also fast, no, what about a different Viper and a different program.
Hope this tells you enough to form your own ending.
see ya
SRT Mike
That is what make all of this so great where as some actually know the value and are willing to pay and others are willing to confess what they think that they know or don't know, right or wrong.
If that's all that it is worth maybe you can go into the business and push them out the door for $75K. Can you build a 9.45 sec. 2001 Viper, sell the entire car including the car for 75K? /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
"Hanner Time" What is "Hanner" or did you attempt to spell Hammer? We know who Mr. 1/2 sec. is in real life now don't we. The only person posting a new name with every ten post. You have more names than anyone on all the boards added together. I have been told that a full automatic can gain 1 sec and not the 1/2 sec. Add the auto minus 1 sec and you have what?
Bottom line if it were so easy to run a 9.45 then where are all the other 9.4 anything Vipers? :fist: /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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SRT Mike
Maybe so, maybe so
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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