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RSI auto trans

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Great 3 speed auto by RSI

RSI made the brackets, adjustments and installed one sweet running 3 speed auto-trans for a stock 2003 Viper. Being stock the auto-trans is like Sunday driving with enough power to walk away from any crowd when needed.

Congrats :thumb: to Jason,Gerald and the entire team at RSI.

To look at the install it looks like it came stock from the factory, like it was installed at DC as an option. Very clean, no loose ends just quality.

That is one smooth running 2003 Viper, no jumping just smooth shift points.

I still believe the auto-trans need to run their own class at the V-10 nationals and after seeing what RSI has put together I just might be in that auto-trans class./images/graemlins/glasses

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Once again RSI pulls something new out of the hat - excellent idea for certain applications... /images/graemlins/thumb1

now all they have to do is find a way to race prep that 3 speed to handle over 1000rwtq and it'll run some record numbers on the right car! :thumb: :atu:

A race 3sp auto with proper converter will be VERY hard to beat at the track.
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you are so right again, where did you get all that knowledge /images/graemlins/biggrin
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Their 3 speed autos can handle more than any V10 Viper engine has ever produced. Yes it is a race trans but it shows that autos are not as fragile as people think.

The auto trans has come along way. Even a 727 can be made to handle 1000+ HP.

Just what trans is RSI using anyway?

Whatever happened to the 1059 RWHP RSI Dyno Queen? Seems like I heard it ran 10.2 @ 144 mph but had clutch problems. This was like a month ago and I was just curious why we have not heard anything new about this car.
The track's closed for the winter. Opens back up in late Jan..
Does an 03 have the same inter frame rails as a Gen 2? Did they use a 200R and did it require any cutting of the frame rails?
Give them a call, they can answer your questions. If I see them today I will take a photo or 2 and ask some questions.

I crewed on a team that ran a beefed 727 auto trans behind a blown 440 in a Mopar A-body - it went mid 8's at 168mph on a weight around 3000lb. Motor made 1368hp.

A 904 will go even quicker, but needs servicing after every race.

Lenco is the ultimate auto for the track - we went to a 4 speed Lenco after the 727 and went straight into the 7's with biggger blower. Now it runs 6.6 at 212mph - same car - better engine, still with Lenco. It's been lever shifted and air shifted - both work.

For the Viper that has to run street - any race built 3-4 speed auto that could handle the power/torque would be the ticket - who cares about brand names at that level. If a race C4 trans did better than a 727 I'd run that.... ditto for a T-700 - you run what works not what a label says.
Problem is nothing fits without hacking. Powerglide works but is only good for racing. Most people want a dual purpose use that requires a performance applicaltion with a 3 speed with OD. HMS has a picture of a 200R out of a Buick GN on his web site. Don't know if they still had to cut the frame to get it in?

Daaaayum you guys sure do move quick. Talking about it at San Antonio and then WOOP here it is. Awesome job, can't wait to see it in action! Very soon you guys will offer 2,3,4,5 and 6 speed upgrades. RSI - where do I buy tickets for a test drive?

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