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Huge congrats to Ross for taking home the fastest MPH at NO FLY ZONE AZ with a 231.95 mph pass in the 1/2 mile. Ross's Underground Racing TT Gallardo street car has an OEM E-Gear setup that makes 2,000+ whp. Underground Racing is proud to keep pushing the E-Gear platform to new records.

Holt's Underground Racing E-Gear Gallardo set the 1/2 mile E-Gear record back in 2010, then later Cody's Underground Racing LP570 broke the E-Gear 1/2 and overall 1/2 mile record with a 217mph pass, then next event he did it again with a 225mph pass at the Houston 1/2 mile before retiring the car from 1/2 mile racing. Since then, Underground Racing customer cars have gone faster with sequential transmission setups as they hold the overall 1/2 mile record over all other cars at 238.6 mph. Its pretty impressive to us that this factory electronic E-Gear car is within approximately 6 mph of our sequential transmission setups.

Expect to see more out of this Twin Turbo Lamborghini soon.

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