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I'll be there with the H/S Camaro again, no Viper.
What do the rules mean when they say stock wheels in the street class? I have Stock width and diameter HREs. Does that qualify as stock? If I can run these I'll try to get to Quaker City in July.

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Paul the do have to be an actual wheel that came on a Corvette from the factory when it says stock wheel.

Jeff, (twinvipers right?), the rule were on the link above but for some reason the page is down right now.

Next race is June 12th at Milan Dragway in Milan Michigan.

Basically heads-up racing broken into four indexes.

one is 11.50 bottom, some mods, stock wheels, drag radials okay
one is 10.50 bottom, some mods, power adder, et streets okay
one is 9.50 bottom, pretty much all you can do with stock suspension and trans
the last is unlimited and modified allowing modified trans (a viper with a auto or race Trans in either car) and/or drivetrain, (solid rear)

Payout Dependant on car count but four cars in a class gets winner 250 runner up 150 and entry is 100

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Yes there is.

Next closest race to us is at MIR in Maryland at the end of July.

Here is my list where I calculated distance from my house which is 17 miles from englishtown. I considering going to last Ohio race in addition to the one in MD.

Jun 12/13 ......Milan Dragway......Milan...MI....621
July 17/18.....Quaker Raceway...Quaker City...OH...438
July 31/Aug 1...MIR....Budds Creek....MD....236
Aug 28/29 .......Mid Michigan Motorplex...Stanton...MI...764
Sept 17/18/19....National Trail Raceway....Newark....OH..503

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Damm, I didn't know there was a race this weekend. How come our MCVO didn't send any notices? Are we a car club or a social club? Oh well, I guess I'm missing this one.

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Details are a bit scant altogether..

I just called Milan, and they don't know anything about the Vette/Viper program other than (they guess..) it's part of the NSCA program at Milan this weekend.

Since June 12 is the only date mentioned, I'm assuming the Vipers/Vettes are not running on Sunday as well? (The NSCA program is a Sat/Sun event.)

$100 to enter, tons of cars there for NSCA event..long waits in the staging lanes

But I might go watch ($25 for one day, $35 for two days)


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I like how the Vettes can run autos but the Vipers can't. And don't give the cubic inch bullshit 'cause once you allow turbos, it really doesn't matter anymore. There are plenty of LPE cars running 150 plus.

You should really look into allowing at least a certain type of auto for the Vipers to be fair in the fastest street class.


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Sorry for the long reply folks.

GTSnake and 95Viper, I sent emails to some organizations I found listed at on May 23rd, titled An Invitation to Drag Race Your Vipers. If you are listed at that site, you might want to check with the contact listed on it.

FE065 I know it info is a little sketchy, this frustrates me. I will tell you what I know.
NSCA rents tracks for their schedule and track wash their hands pretty much about scheduling, promoting, organizing and running those events so we have to rely on information from NSCA.
The NSCA schedule is
The Sat/Sun schedule is as follows:

Open time runs on Saturday morning from 9:30-11:30
Qualifying rounds are at 12:00 noon, 3:00pm and 6:00pm

Sunday's eliminations begin at 11:30 am

Gates for racers open at 9:00am on Friday, 8:00am on Saturday and 8:00am on Sunday.
Tech is open from 12:00 noon on Friday till 6:00pm, 8:00am on Saturday till 6:00pm.

Spectator gate opens at 9:00am both Saturday and Sunday.
The American Super Car Challenge takes part in the open time runs Saturday and all three qualifiers. After Qualifying is complete, Eliminations for The American Super Car Challenge are run (around 7 pm)
We are done Saturday but your 100 entry entitles you to come back Sunday to spectate the rest of the NSCA classes.

I hope this helps.

Now the American Super Car Challenge is new (first full year) to NSCA at the current time, is not a full part of NSCA but more of an exhibition thing so information on the series even from NSCA is sketchy. The information on the NSCA page is coming form the American Super Car Challenge organizer, Ned Erkman , who has it posted for him on the NSCA page. There was a recent move of the page leaving us in the dark recently. The information can be found at now. The NSCA page is

My involvement is as a participant and an enthusiast who wants to ensure the series is successful and therefore there for me to race in it.

Any specific series questions should be sent to [email protected]

Chad, BadVpr, the way I understand the rules is in the first three class, Genuine (11.50), Serious (10.50) and Modified (9.50), we are limited to transmissions that come from the factory, thus the A4 allowed for the Vette cause GM builds them that way. However, the Super Modified class (9.50 and quicker) does allow modified trans such as an A4 in a Viper or Z06. Please contact Ned Erkman, [email protected] (he may be on his way to Milan already) if you interpret this differently.
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