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Roe SC System Stolen

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Reposted from the VCA Board: :pissed:

Hi Everyone,
Keep your eyes open for anyone selling one of our Viper Supercharger Systems. It was a polished system and was in two large boxes (one 64 lbs and one 46 lbs) containing smaller boxes and packages. It was delivered and left at a home by Fed Ex in San Bruno California. We had sent it signature required, but the owner had a release on file from a previous package delivery.
Please contact us if you hear or see anything suspicious.

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WTF?! The people who stole it probably won't have a clue...
That sucks...patiently waiting all that time, then some a-hole swipes it off your own front porch.
Can you post the link..I can't find it.

Who was it?

I would hate to think the buyer made this up just to get a free S/C. (did I say that?) [image][/image]
Does the Roe Supercharger kit only fit Vipers? I'm curious.
Smooth said:
Does the Roe Supercharger kit only fit Vipers? I'm curious. <hr /></blockquote>
It's a bolt on system that is quite impressive (both in it's exquisite manufacturing detail and it's related HP increase.

If you're not familiar with it, here's the link.

I am sure, in it's present form, it will NOT fit anything but a Gen 2 Viper.
Smooth said:
Does the Roe Supercharger kit only fit Vipers? I'm curious. <hr /></blockquote>

This kit only fits Vipers yes!! Gen 2's only
I have seen the Roe Supercharger kit before, but I wasen't so sure if it was a 'Viper Only' kit.

Thanks for the info!
What I don't understand as stated above is that the people that has taken the kit has no freaking idea what it is or what it fits. I'm sure it's just a bunch of dumb brats!! /images/graemlins/frown.gif
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well if it is someone who is trying to get away with not paying for one.. I officially give them the greek evil eye I so that there vehicle will be creamed by a absent minded soccermom in a hummer while parked. Not cool
oh yeah..that greek eye does work..its like the italian horn...eLA RE MALAKA..YOU GAVE HIM THE MATEE:))
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