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ROE Racing VEC 1 for sale !

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I have a VEC 1 for sale..Excellent condition includes Manual.

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You forgot to say - BECAUSE YOU'RE CHARGED!!!!!!!! :thumb:
Speaking of that - one of these days I have to show you how my VEC1 is mounted int eh ACR... Through the center air vent... Stealth...

Have been meaning to grab a pic of that for the past year - keep forgetting... Will do very soon...
My VEC 2 is mounted under my hood..Its sweet how Heffner has it set up , he gave me two pre-programmed Cards. One is programmed for when I run race fuel and the other is for 91 OCT.

You just slip the card in and it adjusts the timing accordingly.


i have the air/feul gauge for the vec1 if anyone needs one.
I have a VEC1 for sale also.

PM if interested.
Fast???? I need your gauge!!!!!!

Where are you???????????
Ego racer,
yes it helps out a stock viper!
not sure of exact HP gains but it does help!
Ego Racer said:
does a VEC1 help out a stock Viper? feel the difference.
I never dynoed before and after, but this I can tell you...........if K&N filter give an extra 10 HP, then the VEC1 must be closer to 20 HP. Just my :twocents:
how does the VEC1 excatly work???what does it do to increase HP?
Air/fuel mixture... You can definately see the difference on the dyno lines... Amazing...

Tracey - don't mount that puppy until you see I mine is... Pretty easy...
i just bought one as well. where is it suppose to get mounted??
Dimitrios said:
i just bought one as well. where is it suppose to get mounted??

Glen could tell ya but then he'd have to kill ya!!!!!!! :nod:

Mine was mounted on the top of the steering column.
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