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ROE and Macedo tuning the s/c.

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Sean, I have read several posts about people having Larry tune their Roe s/c's. I know a couple had him do motor work as well, so that was their choice to have him tune the entire package.

My question is that they always seem well pleased with his work and how he tunes your s/c. Have yall worked in conjunction with the setup or has he found things that really improve the performance and reliability of the system and passed them on to you?

Is it just a matter of spending time on the dyno and tuning with the Vec2?

It seems some real improvement continues to be made.

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Larry's coming to tune/tweak my Roe S/C and do some additional work to my car in a couple of weeks. I think Larry's just figured out how to get the most out of the Roe S/C. Just my .02
Hi Guys,

We gave Larry and a few others a beta copy of the VEC2 software. We weren't going to the Bowling Green drag race event (no time) and thought it would be good to have someone there who could tune if needed. Larry came by the shop and we went over how to use the software. It's working out well for him and the customers he's serviced.
Though we provide a basic tune that covers most conditions, it's not as effective as being able to tune to exactly what the car needs, using a dyno and air / fuel meter. The new software and firmware, allowing timing advance also, is almost ready for everyone. It doesn't take too much time to adjust our base curves and get the car dialed in 100%.

Thanks Sean. Anyone know what part of Florida Macedo is in?
Orlando, I think..........
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