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His wife Jeannie called. He had an aorta aneurysm, which his mother had as well. It hit, he got to hospital but nothing could be done.

My wife's step father lives nearby and Ritchie was always available to help,

I visited Ritchie last in Jan 2019. My FIL always wanted to run a large dump truck. He had put himself through medical school building roads, and dreamed of it. When he retired as a neurosurgeon, his secretary gave him a toy dump truck, knowing his passion. Ritchie has a 50 acre farm. He had booked a dump truck with a load of sand he needed. I paid the guy a bunch of cash and he let him dump and run it. He lit up like a kid at Christmas.

Ritchie gave us a tour of his farm. He has a few head of cattle he raised and sold. He had a stocked pond. He stocked it with fish he legally caught in a public pond, and brought over. :)
Ritchie would put a few hours a day clearing and improving the land. He had a barn of equipment to help. He had a garage with his beloved '69 Camaro, a modern Camaro, a C7 Corvette and a few other cool cars.

In his dining room they have a large flag with Donald Trump riding a tank. My FIL dislikes Trump, so we kept him out of the house. He showed me some of his guns, and fired a few. There was a 9mm semiauto rifle that he waited a couple years to get, as Navy Seals orders had to be filled first.

He had a bunch of pain and health issues over the years. They have one son who had some problems when he was younger, but got back on the right track.

We spent a lot more phone time than in person. I remember when a large sink hole opened up next to his previous house. He got full value from insurance, left the mortgage on it and didn't tell them and turned it into a rental. That cash helped him build his portfolio. I coached him to be a good real estate investor. He bought lots of houses cheap 2009-11 and kept them as rentals. He, as a Realtor, helped a high school friend of mine do the same in Ritchie's 'hood.

He always had unbounded enthusiasm and energy. He was devoted to his wife, son and parents. He had built a suite for them on his farm when they built the house, where his parents lived until they passed away.

He would message and call you if he found you interesting on here. I know he knew Biggs and a few others that way.

We lost one of the good ones.

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