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Reserviors for Penske's/Motons

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Reserviors for Penske\'s/Motons

What is the best way to mount the remote reservoirs for Penskes or Motons? Ive seen some people plastic tie them to the control arms and others use a hose clamp. Is there a better way? or is this the only way?
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Re: Reserviors for Penske\'s/Motons

Does it matter if you run a longer length of hose to the reservoir? I was thinking that the easiest access would be to run a SS braided hose into the engine compartment and mount it on some sort of bracket on the cross brace. You could also do the same and mount the rears to the frame of the car around where the rear lower wishbone attaches to the frame.
Re: Reserviors for Penske\'s/Motons

I think im going to order the Penskes this month. I'll fab up some billet brackets for the rear frame rails. If you want a set, let me know. Might be easy to knock off a second set while the pieces are in the mill.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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