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Remote clutch bleeder

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I broke a synchro in my transmission last year at COTA. This caused the shifter to lock into 4th gear which was doable, but killed my launch out of slow corners. Once I got back in the pits, it free'd up, but getting into 4th again was very difficult. I bought a takeout trans to swap in and just got around to installing it before my next track trip in a couple weeks, along with a new clutch slave cylinder. The plan is to fix what's broken in the old trans, beef up a few components and maybe shorten 5th and 6th gear.

The stock slave cylinder bleeder in the trans tunnel is a royal pain to get to and tends to get grit inside making it even tougher to bleed. I decided to try a generic remote kit from Summit for the T-56 used in many pony cars since the mid-90's. The only problem is the 4ft long dash 4 hose they supply. It's easily 2 feet too long, not very flexible and has no good way to mount the bleeder. I measured the slave adapter, then sent the kit back and decided to do my own system.

I sourced a male adapter from FMF, then bought some -3 Aeroquip teflon/stainless hose with DIY fittings, an AN flare to bleeder screw mounting adapter, some heat shield tubing and 1/2" heat-shrink tube. I did a bunch of measuring on the clutch reservoir, then designed and fabbed a bracket for the bleed screw adapter. It sandwiches between the reservoir and toe box and makes solo vacuum bleeding a snap because the in/out point are adjacent to each other. I'm a stubborn bastard and even though this hose assembly cost about $40 more than the Summit kit, I'm well pleased with how it fits and functions. There was almost 30 years worth of black hose residue in the old fluid.

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Nice job Dean!!
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