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Remember the flap at the VCA about street racing clips?

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I highly doubt that anything personal was directed by Jerome.. Easy there Moundir, you are making a serious mountain out of a molehill.. by your own definition if gerald falls into the cocksucker category cause he posted a bike kill shot and it stayed, then your friend defaults into the same category because his post was left up as well. I think if anyone posts something against the rules over there and it stays up, the person automatically defaults into being a "cocksucker" as the rest of us "normal people" get our posts deleted.. this includes you :thumb:
Gerald said:
holy shit, i am a cocksucker
Actually Gerald, you've been defined as a
ghetto ricer poor man asshat who is a cocksucker :lolcry:

courtesy clips of course from Smokin, Snakebitten and Moundir :dance: :dance:
Moundir said:
man Texas must be a great state where even a midget ***** such as your dumbass can feel and talk like a big boy :rolleyes: Call me racist but I was not the one that started this get out of my country (quote of the year) bs. As far as my education goes, that is none of your business. I'm in the process of getting my masters while working full time to support my self and my bad habbits. Have a nice day midget /images/graemlins/wave.gif keep pumping those wieghts :lolcry:
Very Lame dude.. WTF is up with the slamming him based on his genetics? Smokin at least has a leg to stand on when slamming you.. You CHOSE to be a waiter, you CHOSE your political affiliations.. What sort of bullshit is it that he is inferior because of his parents? Jeezus, you seemed ok till you pulled that one out of your ass. :punchdown:
SmokinV10 said:
There is a huge difference between "attacking" aka smack, and making derogoratory racist remarks.
1 - 4 of 121 Posts
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